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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Hurricane Sandy

by Tucker Birmingham As everyone knows, the northeast coast was recently hit violently by the superstorm hurricane, Sandy. Though Ocean City was harmed by this storm, many other places were affected as well. New York and Long Beach Island might never be the same as

OCHS Presents “A Christmas Carol”

By JoHannah Newman Christmas is coming once again.  This year OCHS has embodied the joy of Christmas spirit in their fall play “A Christmas Carol”. Everyone knows (or should know) the classic Dickens story of the old, stingy businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Austin

A Very Vegan Holiday

by Aimee Ferenz Mashed potatoes, stuffing, lasagna, cranberry sauce, corn, biscuits, turkey, ham. These dishes are commonly associated with Holiday dinnertime feasts, unless of course, you’re either a vegan or vegetarian. Though it’s a statistic commonly overlooked, 5% of the country’s population describe themselves as

The Tyranny of the Majority

by Steve Pashuck As America’s most recent election season rolled around, its citizens were able to witness democracy at its finest, or some might argue at its worst.  Whatever your perspective is on its finer points, the pistons that drive our democracy were churning at