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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Underrated Christmas Movies

By Ryan Casey and Michael Keenan Upon being asked “What is your favorite Christmas Movie?”, most people may answer with such classics as The Santa Claus, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or Frosty the Snowman. Some of the best Christmas movies, however, are often underappreciated or

How to Wrap a Christmas Present

By Maryanna Oberg and Jeannie Romano With the Holidays approaching, people gain responsibilities such as decorating the tree, hanging the stockings, and buying presents. Most people over think the act of wrapping gifts, when really it is quite simple. Obtain wrapping paper, scissors, and tape. Next,

Strange Christmas Ornaments

By Jen Campbell, Aimee Ferenz, Tara Rapattoni We’ve all been there, finding those strange and unusual Christmas tree ornaments in friends’ houses, but what are they for? What are they from? The Current OC went on the search to find Ocean City High School’s most

International Dinner

By Jake Cassidy, Savannah Mueller, Ellen Pfeifle On Thursday, December 6th at Ocean City High School, the Psychology club is hosting the 2012 International dinner. Psychology club asks everyone who attends to bring one toy to the Ocean City non-profit organization, Ways of Caring for a

Top Ten Uses for Holiday Fruitcake

By Paige Broadley and Bri Armand  For as long as anyone can remember, the fruitcake has been a classic fidt for the holiday season. It is similar to telling someone: “You are so utterly boring, so I defaulted to giving you a fruitcake this holiday”.

Keep a Little Buddy In Your Holiday

 By Nina Bachich, Angela Guido, Taylor Jackson, Molly Reighn The holiday season is well known for spending time with family and friends however, we need to keep in mind that some are along during this cheerful time. Here are a few ways to include everybody

Gifts that Show You Don’t Care

By Peter Anderson, Sean Bowman, Tyler Carroll, Eli Guseman Have you ever received a gift and thought: “What were they thinking?”, “Where did they even get this from?”, or just plain out “why?”? The Current OC is here to help you stay away from giving

Tabano’s Take on…Humility

by Mr. Tabano, Editor-in-Chief, The Billows The list of motivational thoughts, inspirational quotes, and proverbial adages that I can remember from my early days as a competitive amateur wrestler is seemingly innumerable.  Whether it was something I heard or read, it seemed like these notable

The Ocean City Food Bank

by Tucker Birmingham Food is something most people take for granted. It is sometimes hard to imagine that many people can’t afford a necessity like food, even so near to our very own homes in Ocean City. The Ocean City Ecumenical Council’s Food Bank, a

Operation Christmas Child is a Success

by JoHannah Newman    With the holiday season almost upon us, it is important to keep in mind those less fortunate, and open our hearts.  We must remember those whose Christmas list isn’t filled with the latest edition of the iPhone or extravagant gifts, but


By Paul Stanton This Saturday at 3:00 p.m., one of the greatest athletic and national traditions will take place just down the expressway at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, the Army – Navy football game. The Army – Navy game is an American college football rivalry between the teams of