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Monthly Archives: January 2013

2013 Must-See Movies

by Edgar Rivero, Sean Bowman, and Peter Anderson (Current OC) JoHannah Newman (Billows) Last year was filled with plenty of action filled blockbusters, each with their own massive fan-bases.  Movies like The Avengers, The Hunger Games, and The Dark Knight Rises all were heart-pounding thrillers

The Essay…Your Life-Long Friend

by Mr. Johnson Lately I have been stressing to students that potential employers want you to possess certain skills.  In addition, students will also be expected to be trained according to the demands of their employers. The job market continues to be very competitive.  The

Saturn Viewing

by Andrew DeCredico and Sam Palumbo Over the summer, Ocean City High School funded and built a new observatory. On December 3rd, this investment paid off when Saturn was visible just above the horizon in the early morning. Using the telescope, Saturn, as well as

Raider Nation

by Sam Durham, Casey Hanna, Jeannie Romano, and Ivan Traczuk Four years ago, Ocean City High School was introduced to a spirited student section present at all basketball games. Participation has only increased since its first installment. With T-shirts being printed for kids to wear

Military Zumba

by Austin Camp, Jackie Chapman, and Antimo Ferrilli Sergeant LeVar Curry from the New Jersey National Guard paid a visit to the Ocean City High School gym classes on Friday, December 7th to give students a taste of military training. During the military-like workout, students

Chinese New Year

by Emily Knight and Hadly Patterson Chinese New Year is often forgotten about in the general area when in fact it is the longest and most important Chinese holiday. Chinese New Year marks the end of winter and is called the “Spring Festival”. Because the

Top Ten Workouts

by Maryanna Oberg, Paige Rauner, and Erica Watson After consuming all of those holiday Calories, it’s a good idea to start planning your new year’s resolution by getting back into shape. Here is a list of the top ten workouts you can do at your

Eight Ways to make it Snow

by Sam Durham Casey Hanna Ivan Traczuk All across the nation, kids have longed for snow days. Some have even obscure rituals in order to receive the call: “No School, snow day”. With the winter season approaching the anticipation of snow has been in children’s