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Meet Howie

By Shamus Roberts

Ocean City Schools are a symbol of pride and achievement in the ocean city community. The Ocean City school district spreads this symbolism through the red raider trademark and the iconic red and black colors first introduced by Dixie Howell. Over a year ago the school began working on a secret project to revamp the raider trademark. This project was our new mascot Howie and the new corresponding school logos

Superintendent of Ocean City Schools, Dr. Kathleen W. Taylor, said, “The new mascot is an updated mascot, we knew we have a modern mascot to go with the modern fields and facilities while going to the new generation of students. Upgraded and named after Dixie Howell, our gymnasium is named after Dixie Howell. Dixie Howell was a coach, a teacher, a best friend, a mentor to students, and he had championship teams. He is the one that brought the red tail hawk to ocean city high school, and so to honor his legacy the mascot club named him Howie, and that is Howie got his name, and that is how Howie got his start. So it’s been a long time coming for this new mascot character, and we’re very excited to have him too. To have him here cutting the ribbon on the turf field is pretty significant. It was a wonderful event.”

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian stated that the new mascot is, “pretty cool, not as sure if he is as cool as wonder bear. To have something that everyone can identify with the school, something fun like that is good to have.”

Preempting Howie’s release, the marketing campaign and hashtag “Howie is coming” was featured and coming shortly will be featurette of of Howie’s origin done by Ocean City High school’s TV and Media Program.

Howie will be spreading school spirit as the districts ambassador at community events using all that he’s learned from the advisor Gregory Wheeldon to put on a good show.

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