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Road Test Tips

By Lucas Rooney

For most, the latter part of high school involves a new kind of freedom: driving! Whenever you decide to take your road test to get your license, you may feel excited or nervous. Today, we’ll go through every step in making sure you get that L.


Part 1: Your car. When going for your road test, it is important that your car has the following conditions:

-Working lights

-Working windshield wipers

-An emergency brake

-A valid inspection sticker

-Insurance and Registration

-And two, red GDL decals on each license plate which can be purchased at the DMV


Part 2: Parallel parking. One of the most important parts of the road test, that requires most of your senses, is parallel parking. Let’s go through the steps:

  1. Signal to the right to alert motorists that you will be parking. (Align your rear bumper with the car on the right)
  2. Put your car in reverse, look out the rear window and begin backing up slowly.
  3. Turn your wheel all the way to the right and continue backing up.
  4. When your mirror clears the bumper of the front vehicle, turn your wheel all the way to left while continuing to back up slowly (Keep checking your mirrors).
  5. Keep going until you are in line with the car in rear.
  6. Adjust if necessary.
  7. Finally put the vehicle in park


Part 3: The K-Turn. The next element of the road test is much more simple, the K-Turn, which allows you to change directions on the road. The steps are as follows:

  1. Signal to the left to alert motorists that you will be turning.
  2. Slowly, turn your wheel to the left while driving so you are perpendicular to the side of the road, then stop (Make sure you’re driving slowly so you don’t hit the curb or side of road).
  3. Put the vehicle in reverse, and check your mirrors.
  4. Turn your wheel all the to right while driving in reverse.
  5. Once you pass the centerline of the road, stop.
  6. Put your car in drive.
  7. Turn your wheel to left while driving forward.

And that’s it! Once you pass your road test, you’ll head to the DMV and get your license. Congratulations!


If you’d like more information, refer to the NJ Driver’s manual that can be found online and even in school

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