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How to Communicate with Your Dog

By Kalli Amarando

Did you ever know what signals your dog is really sending you? Have you ever wondered if your dog ever understood the language that you spoke? Dogs mainly communicate non verbally through the use of body language. While humans communicate verbally with each other. Here are some tips to communicate with your dog to truly get in touch with their emotions. First you would need to know your dog and spend a lot of time with him or her. By walking, playing, feeding and brushing your dog. Next you would have to take good care of your dog. Also your dog understands your body language and your mood swings. We sometimes can interpret dogs the wrong way. Dogs can sense if you’re nervous, scared, angry, upset, and depressed. For example dogs can express their aggression towards their owner when you come near their food. This aggression needs to be corrected so they don’t assert their dominance over you. That is why you should assert dominance over them when they are a puppy. When dogs are chewing on toys, they believe that they are killing a animal. When dogs look into your eyes, that means they love you.. With all of these tips now you can communicate and understand your dog’s emotions and body language.

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