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Jon Dorenbos Visits Ocean City

By Brooke Segich

May 13th was a night to remember for many locals and tourists. Peter Sasso opened the night for a hilarious 30 minute comedy skit. to be followed by the new sensation Jon Dorenbos.

It was night filled with immense laughter and eye-boggling magic. The audience was happy to partake in a beach ball questionnaire and volunteer for tricks. But Jon takes his show to a deeper level. He opens up with his audience to share how magic was influenced by his childhood.

Yet, this was still not an ordinary magic show. Every trick he does goes along with his personal life story between his family and friends, or encounters with fans and strangers.

He has all of the NFL backing him up, and America’s Got Talent was on the greatest experiences he has ever experienced.

His show and his story was perfect for all ages of Ocean City.

John rose to the top during his first live tour and we are glad Ocean City was there to cheer him on. Its great to know that those who inspire the nation are closer than you may think.

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