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Thanksgiving and Football

By Luke Meli and Brandyn Pokrass

This year, Thanksgiving is on November 23. Thanksgiving is a great holiday to spend time with family, eat a great meal, and be thankful for everything in your life. Thanksgiving is all about being……football. More than anything, Thanksgiving is all about football. Settle down, you know it’s true.


Throughout America, football is a big deal in many households. Since 1920, the NFL has played Thanksgiving games, and aside from the Super Bowl, football seems to be most-watched around Thanksgiving–and that can lead to some Thanksgiving hijinks.


Playing the family football game is a great way to spend time with your family and prove that you are more athletic than them. After scoring 10 touchdowns, you think you should be playing in the NFL. It’s all fun and games until you break cousin Joe’s  arm.


Watching the yearly game on TV can be an exciting event to enjoy with family, as long as your favorite team wins. If not, your mom may be calling an audible for you not to get dinner this night.


Isn’t sleeping in only so you can watch football later in the day? Who cares about a parade; touchdowns are more exciting than a slow parade float.


Eating dinner together is a great way to reward your mom for standing over a hot oven all day cooking, until you rush through your dinner to go sit on the couch and keep watching the game.


So what is the meaning of Thanksgiving?

Clearly, the real meaning of Thanksgiving is football.  Sure we give thanks, but football clearly dominates the day. As long as Carson Wentz is throwing touchdowns, then everyone will be thankful.

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