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SAT Practice

By AliJane Robel

The SAT is an extremely important part of getting into a good college, so it’s crucial you get the best possible score. You can sign up for the SAT by going online at collegeboard.org to schedule the test date and location.

To start your studying process you can join a prep class, but its okay if you can’t. It’s recommended that you study a few hours a night at least a month before you take the exam. The more time you give yourself to study, the better. A good strategy is taking your practice test before you start your period of studying and after. You can purchase an official SAT practice book, or you can find a test online.

Taking a full-length practice test provides a realistic sense of how long the test is and where you tend to get tired or mentally blocked. Yes, it’s atlas three hours of hard work, but at least you’ll be prepared for test day.

If you plan on applying to any ivy league schools, it’s likely they’ll need you to take the subject test. It shows colleges your knowledge in individual subjects like math, science, english, and more. Don’t forget to take a break the night before the big day. It may be hard considering it’s the last moment to cram in more studying, but studying at the last minute will add to your stress, lower your confidence, and wear you out.

Instead, do something that will calm your nerves, like watching your favorite movie or playing outside with friends. And of course, getting eight hours of sleep in the nights leading up to the test is absolutely crucial. Make sure you wake up early so you can give time for your brain to warm up. Remember, the more times you take it, the better chance you have at improving your score. Study hard, but not too hard.

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