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Taking A Break From The Internet

By Tanner Mitzel

The Internet–a helpful tool we use in our everyday lives. We spend plenty of time using it but constantly being online is not a good thing and not all that healthy for your body. By using it 24/7 we usually don’t realize how much of a distraction it actually is. But if you are constantly using it you should take a break every once and a while. Here are a few ways you could spend your time instead of being online.

Get outside–if you are constantly online you are probably inside. It could be very peaceful to have a walk through nature or even ride a bike. If that’s not your thing, go ahead and pick up a sport to pass the time. Appreciate the earth and get some exercise. Try to learn or do something new. There are probably many things out there that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t really gotten around to doing. If you allow yourself to step away from the screen you will be able to learn something new like learning to play the guitar. Do something that relaxes you; we all have a hobby or interest we pursue that allows us to express ourselves and makes us feel better.  These relaxing activities are something you truly enjoy like art or music.

There are many alternatives for being on the internet you just have to find something that fits you best.

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