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Basketball with OC’s Donovan Graham

By Luke Meli and Brandyn Pokrass

Many people in today’s world seem to think basketball is easy. Shooting a ball into a net cannot be that hard, right? Well guess what. That is false. The sport of basketball sometimes gets the misconception of being an easy sport. We decided to go experience how hard the game of basketball really is in order to debunk the misconception by playing against one of OC’s best, Donovan Graham.

Donovan executed the behind the back and between the legs dribble to perfection…as for us, not really. Then Brandyn tried playing against him 1 on 1. And he dominated him, though we know Brandyn fell on purpose, so we think Donovan’s afraid to play him again.

Donovan even showed us how to shoot layups, which were by far the easiest thing we practiced all day. I actually think we should be on the varsity team because of our layup skills. Afterwards we asked Donovan some questions about what skills he practices and his practice schedule.  Without hours of repetition and practice, succeeding in the sport is very hard.

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