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How to Return an Unwanted Gift

By Luke Leonetti

How to return an unwanted gift-without anybody knowing about it!

Ah, Christmas time. There’s nothing better than waking up on a cold December morning and unwrapping all of your gifts. But some gifts aren’t the most desirable. Have a present you don’t want? Well, don’t worry! Here are some simple ways to get rid of an unwanted gift-without anybody knowing.
The first way is to give your gift to a second-hand store. Walk around your town for a bit, and you’ll be bound to find one of these places. Second-hand shops are more than willing to accept your clothes, toys, electronics, or anything else that can be sold again.
The second way is to donate. Can’t seem to find any second-hand stores in your area? Don’t worry about it! You can donate to charities such as Goodwill and Salvation Army to help out those who are less fortunate.
The last way is to re-gift. You don’t have to sell your present to make somebody happy. After all, it is better to give than receive.
See? Rather than letting your gift collect dust, give back this year, and give it to someone who will put it to better use. Just don’t let anybody find out.

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