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Pre-Season Baseball

By Danny Nunan

Baseball season is still months away, but to be successful, players have to constantly work during the offseason to perfect one of, if not, the hardest task in sports; hitting a baseball. The Ocean City baseball team has been practicing multiple times per week at an indoor batting cage located in Upper Township.

Here, players are able to focus on the mechanics of their swing and make any adjustments that are needed so they can be ready for the first day of tryouts. Players can go through a series of different drills to help make these adjustments. The swings are videoed and analyzed by the coaches so they are able to give tips to improve the player’s swing.

Imagine adding a pitcher who throws fastballs at 85+ mph into the equation. The batter is forced to make a decision of whether to swing or not. If the batter blinks their eyes during the process, the result will likely be a weak foul ball or a swing and miss. Hitting a baseball surely takes time to perfect. It will take countless hours of hard work, there’s no way around it.

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