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By Stella Schwartz

Just like your clothes, wearing your favorite style of shoes can make a strong statement about your personality traits. Whether you’re a sucker for vans, or will put on a pair of heels at any given opportunity, your choice in footwear can give people a sneak peak of your inner self. Let’s dig into specifics involving your favorite shoe to wear…

Flashy and colorful footwear belongs to extroverts, and shoes that are not new but appear to be spotless belong to the conscientious type.

Functional shoes generally belong to agreeable people, with ankle boots fitting the more aggressive type of personality, and ironically, uncomfortable looking shoes matching with the calmer sides of our peers.

Those type of individuals with constant worries about their relationships keep their shoes in tip-top shape, and prefer their shoes to be brand new.

If you’re the common Birkenstock lover, you’re all about staying on your feet and receiving those positive vibes from others. You’re most definitely that “go-to” friend, and a true extrovert.

Everyone loves a classic Chuck Taylor, and we all know you’re about sophistication and the chic feel of traditional items.

Are you a no muss, no fuss kind of footwear lover? We know you have a pair of crocs in your back closet, and we hope you embrace every ounce of it.

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