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How to Carve a Pumpkin


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by Daniel Loggi III

Jack-o’-lanterns are a great idea to get into the Halloween spirit and carving them is a fun activity for all ages. It has been a tradition in my family ever since I can remember. My whole family and our neighbors get together in early- to mid-October and distribute pumpkins to each child and help them to plan and carve them out.  This is a careful process that requires a good eye, a steady hand, and some artistic skill.  I’d like to share with you here the steps involved in carving a pumpkin so that you can enjoy your own carved pumpkin with your friends and family.

To carve a Jack-o’-lantern, the first thing you will need is a medium- to large-sized pumpkin, a long metal spoon, a long serrated knife, a small-serrated knife and a black Sharpie marker. First, you have to make a lid for your pumpkin. To do this, you want to draw the design of your lid with the marker, then take the long serrated knife and cut into the top of the pumpkin on a 45˚ angle in a circular pattern, approximately 2-3 inches from the stem of the pumpkin. The angle of the knife (and holding the stem during the end of your cut) will prevent the lid of your jack o’-lantern from falling inside the pumpkin. Next, a large spoon is used to scoop all the seed out and flesh out of the inside of your pumpkin (you can also do this with your hand if you’d like but it’s kind of messy). After all the seeds and flesh are removed, you are ready to create the face of your Jack-o’-lantern. The black marker is used to draw your design. There are many stencils available at craft stores to help enhance your creativity. A small-serrated knife makes it easy to carefully cut out the design you’ve drawn.  Be sure your drawing accounts for spacing and turns (a common mistake is to draw teeth in the smile, but not separate them from the smile, causing you to cut the whole smile out with no teeth) When you are finished, a natural or battery-powered candle can be placed inside the bottom of your new creation, ready to be lit and make it come alive.

In my family, when we were all finished, we light them all at once and then turn off the lights. It is wonderful to see all the different characters we created.  I hope you enjoy your pumpkin carving adventures!  Happy Halloween!

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