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Disney Buys Lucasfilm


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Disney Buys LucasfilmBy Chrissy Taylor

Since 1977, George Lucas’s famous Star Wars franchise has become a worldwide phenomenon. Everything from toys, clothing, and video games to even a TV interpretation called The Clone Wars has been created to promote and show appreciation for this sensation in the film industry. Now, with a new generation approaching and George Lucas heading towards retirement, another company is taking over the business. And what better mega-franchise is best suited to adopt another mega-franchise? Walt Disney Studios, of course. Having made fantastic attractions based on other franchises such as Indiana Jones, Walt Disney Studios is accepting the Lucas Films baton. So far, live performances, an updated Star Tours attraction, opening of the Jedi Training Academy, etc. have been created already for the Disney parks. Also, Disney has decided on creating new Star Wars films every two to three years, the newest projected to be released in 2015.
As for George Lucas’s opinion on the matter, he has, in his own words, “always believed that Star Wars could live beyond him” and that it will “live on and flourish for many generations to come”. In order to achieve this, Lucas thought it “was important to set up a transition” in his life in light of his approaching retirement. So, what will Disney come up with next to extend the Lucas legend? Considering the Universal Studios theme park has created a mini theme park based on the popular Harry Potter series of films, could Disney do the same with Star Wars? Perhaps even a whole theme park based on Star Wars could be created in the next few years to come.
Regardless of what direction Disney decides to go in with their newly acquired commodity, George Lucas has already chosen a direction for the $4.05 billion he earned in the sale of his franchise. Where is it going? Every penny was donated to select children’s education and welfare charities.
Lucas’s generosity and Disney’s commitment to family entertainment make the Lucasfilm-Disney transition look like one that the world will benefit from for quite a long time.

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