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OCHS Presents “A Christmas Carol”


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OCHS Presents “A Christmas Carol”By JoHannah Newman

Christmas is coming once again.  This year OCHS has embodied the joy of Christmas spirit in their fall play “A Christmas Carol”. Everyone knows (or should know) the classic Dickens story of the old, stingy businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Austin Satinsky and Justin Smith) who is visited by his dead business partner, Jacob Marley (Maura Twiggs) and is sent on the journey of redemption.  Three Ghosts, the Ghost of Christmas Past (Morgan Perry, Taylor Jackson), the Ghost of Christmas Present (Colin Stewart), and the Ghost of Christmas Future (Aimee Ferenz, Laura Pomeroy), take Scrooge on a journey through time in an attempt to save his soul from the damnation brought upon by the greedy and selfish lifestyle he leads.

In this year’s spooky rendition, the show opens with several spirits lurking around the bedposts of a slumbering Scrooge.  These dead ghosts are very much alive in character, so parents take caution that they might frighten younger patrons.  Scrooge’s maid, Mrs. Dilber (Marley Logue, Carley Delsordo) takes on a slightly larger role than in most productions of the tale, and is first seen awakening Ebenezer from his fitful sleep.

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