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Top Ten Uses for Holiday Fruitcake


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By Paige Broadley and Bri Armand 

For as long as anyone can remember, the fruitcake has been a classic fidt for the holiday season. It is similar to telling someone: “You are so utterly boring, so I defaulted to giving you a fruitcake this holiday”. Research has told that giving fruitcake as a holiday gift is similar to giving toilet paper. At least with toilet paper, one can know that it’ll be used, instead of abandoned in a close for weeks to come. But the real question is: what is fruitcake? Besides the fact that it is one of the most ironic food items being both ‘cake’ and ‘fruit’ that normally just do not go together, it is a strange mixture of neon fruit, sugar, preservatives. You may not know it, but the fruitcake is like an artist’s canvas that can give you endless possibilities. Here at the Current OC, we were feeling charitable during this holiday season and thought that we would help those fruitcake-families-in-need by creating a list of the top ten uses for Holiday Fruitcake.

Number one: Use it as a festive Doorstop.

Number two: Use it around the office as a convenient paperweight.

Number three: can’t reach those top shelves in the local library? Use it as a fruitcake stepping stool!

Number four: Fruitcake is a great stand-in for a Yule Log in the fire.

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