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Underrated Christmas Movies


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By Ryan Casey and Michael Keenan

Upon being asked “What is your favorite Christmas Movie?”, most people may answer with such classics as The Santa Claus, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or Frosty the Snowman. Some of the best Christmas movies, however, are often underappreciated or forgotten. The Current OC decided to make a list of out personal top five forgotten Christmas films.

Number 5: Jingle All the Way. A family comedy about two rival fathers trying to retrieve a must have toy for their song on a last minute Christmas Eve shopping spree. After getting into a fight with a mall Santa Claus, having his car stripped by thieves, and accidentally playing Turbo Man in a parade, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Howard, and his son, Jaime, learn that Christmas is really about being with family and the Christmas Spirit.

Number 4: Jack Frost. Not the adorable family comedy about Michael Keaton keeping a Christmas promise with his son by returning as a snowman after his death, but a curious movie about a convicted serial killer who, while on his way to be executed, is in an accident and has his body fused with snow. He is thought to be dead but returns as a snowman bent on seeking revenge on the man that arrested him.

Number 3: Band Santa, the story of two conmen who go on a road trip to malls dressed as Santa and his elf. Rather than spreading good cheer, the duo’s motive is to rob each establishment, a strategy that becomes complicated when they encounter an 8-year-old who teaches them the true meaning of Christmas.

Number 2: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Martians start an expedition to Earth to kidnap the one and only Santa. While on Earth, they kidnap two children that lead the group of Martians to the North Pole where Martians then kidnap Santa and the two children taking them to Mars with them. Voldar, a particularly grumpy Martian, attempts to do away with the captives, but their leader, Lomas, stops him. When they arrive on Mars, Santa, with the help of the two Earth Children and a simple-minded Martian named Lackey, over comes the Martians by bringing fun, happiness, and Christmas cheer to the children of Mars.

Number 1: Gremlins. While searching for a Christmas present for his son, Billy, Randall Peltzer discovers a small, furry creature called a Mogwai in an antique store in Chinatown. The owner of the store warns Randall that the Mogwai cannot be exposed to bright light, should never get wet, and most importantly, to never feed it after midnight. Randall names the creature Gizmo, brings the creature home, and gives it to Billy, repeating the instructions the shop owner gave him. Billy accidentally spills a glass of water on Gizmo, causing him to convulse and produce five more Mogwai. The new Mogwai trick Billy into feeding them after midnight, causing them to transform into Gremlins. The leader of the Gremlins, Stripe, escapes the Peltzer home and jumps into a swimming pool, creating hundreds of Gremlins that wreak havoc on the town. After saving his friends, family, and the town, Billy learns that he’s not ready to care for Gizmo yet and returns him to the man his farther purchased him from.

So the next time you’re watching The Polar Express or Home Alone, remember to keep in mind that our unusual Christmas “classics” are also fun and entertaining, even if you’ve never heard of them before.

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