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The Truth Behind the Turkey


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by Liam Bradley

Turkeys. Everyone loves to eat them for Thanksgiving; they simply make the holiday what it is. Well, that and stuffing… it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey, but, what really happens behind the scenes? You all obviously don’t think plucked turkeys without heads are raised on a farm and when they die of natural causes they are wrapped up and sent to your local Superfresh frozen section…do you? There is a rough process that these birds have to go through before they are blessed to broil in your oven. It is a twisted tail of feathers and pain.


How many turkeys do you think are killed each year for Thanksgiving alone? A thousand?  A million? How about 46 million! That’s right, for the Thanksgiving season alone 46 million turkeys are killed so you can mess up a couple times before baking the real turkey for dinner; and they are not just shot between the eyes, no that would be too expensive and not efficient enough. No, it’s much better than that, and all the main brands’ turkeys experience it too.  You might call it the butterball house of horrors!  Ok, maybe that’s a stretch.


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