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Hungry Kate: The Girl with the Belly Ache


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By Minh Vu

This is Kate,1a girl who seems ordinary to all of us; she is a girl is goes to an ordinary school, is part of an ordinary family, and does ordinary activities just like you. However, there is something you don’t know about Kate. Kate’s dad lost his job a while back; and since then, the family has spent all of their savings. They have spent all their personal possessions, maxed out their credit cards, and their house is on the verge of foreclosure. Her and her “ordinary” family are
going through a tough time, and that means no money for food. And this makes Kate’s belly ache. Kate is one of the 400,000 kids who struggle with hunger in New Jersey, without the simple necessities like grains, fruits, meats, and vegetables. 2

3However, there is 4 for children like Kate: the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Here, food is donated from companies and individuals and are distributed to community agencies who provide it to your neighbors and friends in need, like Kate. And we continue to need your help; distribution in the food bank has increased by 86% in the past 6 years because of our support, and this makes Kate’s tummy feel happy.

The CFBNJ is a center that fights hunger through their motto: FOOD, HELP, and HOPE. It is a powerful change agent that is part of the Feeding America Campaign that fills the emptiness caused by hunger of 1 in 5 kids with basic human essentials that people need to survive.

Kate is simply a metaphorical figure for the almost half-a-million kids in New Jersey that suffer from daily hunger, and she is a thought that you should think about during the holidays. While we are worrying about our Facebook news feeds, Twitter updates, and Tumblr posts on our iPhone 8000X3Y, there are children out there like Kate who need our help. They need our donations, support, and volunteering to fulfill their Christmas wish: to be fed.

So next time you go to Starbucks to buy your Venti decaf latte, have a dinner out at the local steakhouse, or go shopping to keep up in the latest styles, think about how many meals that money can provide for families like Kate’s. Do something selfless for the holidays this year; take charge and make a change in our statewide hunger. Donate, volunteer, and support to make the stomachs of the families in need full.


Can you go without your luxury for one day so Kate can eat?
Help now by contacting Maria Bocelle at 609-383-8843,
or going to 6735 Black Horse Pike, EHT, NJ 08234


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