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The Fault in our Stars: A Book Review


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bookby Madison Montanero


For all of you book lovers, book haters and the completely impartial readers out there, The Fault in our Stars, by John Green, is a story that everyone can enjoy. It doesn’t matter if your twelve or if your eighty-five, or if you’re a guy or a girl, or even what type of book genre you prefer. This book is not one to be put into one specific stereotyped category. It would be a true shame, because The Fault in our Stars (TFioS to fans) is a piece of art that everyone should be at least open to trying.

The plot follows a sixteen year-old girl, Hazel Grace, diagnosed with terminal cancer, and her new found companion and cancer surviving teen Augustus Waters. Together the two go on a self-discovering journey, contemplating life and death with keen and refreshing point of views. I know what you are all thinking, oh, another annoying cancer loves story, but that isn’t what it is at all. In my opinion, TFioS is one of the most compelling and thought provoking novels of this generation.

The book is a critically acclaimed and the winner of numerous awards and achievements, including being a New York Times Bestseller. The author, John Green, is pretty famous himself. He and his brother have been running a successful youtube video blogging channel called the vlogbrothers since 2007 and have worked up quite the fan base. Mr. Green has also written numerous other equally insightful novels, like Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska.

I recommend the book to almost any person who can read. Of course, not children under twelve, due to some more adult/young adult topics discussed throughout the course of the book, but besides that there is no excuse. If you haven’t read it yet you better hurry. The movie adaptation of The Fault in our Stars is set to be released this upcoming June.

Good luck and happy reading!

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