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Who is the Real Santa, Nick, or Nickoli?


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santaby Liam Bradley

We all know the classic story of jolly old saint Nicolas. He was a boy who was presented to the elves and their mother who lived in the forest. He was raised as an elf and played with the animals gaining his skills of agility and to jump high. He was then found out not to be an elf but a human and was sent into town to send out toys for the girls and boys. Then after some jail time and letters Santa Claus came to town for the first time… but not in America like everyone thinks.

You see, the story of how Santa Claus came to town isn’t that accurate in depicting the life of Saint Nicolas. Saint Nicolas was born in modern-day Turkey which at his time was ruled by the Greeks, so he would not have the white skin and rosy cheeks, he would be darker skinned, and you would probably not be able to tell if his cheeks were rosy at all. Also, he would not have been delivered to the elves and their mother so early in his life.  His parents do die, but not until he is a little older. Finally, his deer wouldn’t be white-tailed deer, but they would be the more common red deer. So, there are definitely some big holes in this story.

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