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Raiders Fight in their First Nail-Biting Home Game


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By JoHannah G Newman

On September nineteenth our beloved OC Raiders fought their first game on home territory.  Many students and several alumni braved the windy Friday night to cheer on good ole’ Big Red.  Our team showed a valiant effort, continuously establishing a one point lead over our Vineland opponents for nearly the entire game.  Four players were knocked to the ground by the giant foes, but each triumphantly stood back up against their enemy.

With less than two minutes left on the clock, it seemed likely that our team could earn their first home victory and their second win of the season.  Our charge up the field was halted by Vineland twenty yards from the end zone.  Vineland then amazingly crashed across the field, tearing each of our defenders away to score a touchdown, now with only a minute left on the clock.  Scoring a two point field goal, Vineland assured we would need more than a touchdown to win the game.  When it seemed we were completely finished, our Raiders did make one last effort to move the ball back towards our goal posts, thwarted again by Vineland as they somehow dragged the play back into their own end zone.   The last play finished as the clock ran out, another six points for the opposing team.

This action packed game may not have ended in a Raider victory, but it still exemplified the improving skill of the team.  Our potential is obvious.

Join the Raiders for their biggest event, the annual homecoming game, this Friday October 3rd.

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