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Senior Editor’s Opening Address


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My fellow students,

Another year, my last here at OCHS, has begun and at this point many of us have settled into our typical routine.  I will admit that is frightening.  We often choose our niches and tend to close our minds to any other existence.  Even I focus passionately on causes that I feel strongly about and generally overlook others.  I ask you all to see this year as an opportunity to expand your horizons, whether it be your first or last year.

Together, we can learn about people who before we didn’t know.  Take this challenge.  Stumble through a conversation with a foreign exchange student, or go to a sports event you may have avoided before.  If you spend most of your time playing a sport, attend the fall play and experience how this other community lives.  Write a note of encouragement to a friend or teacher who might be having a bad day.  We should all appreciate passion and kindness, no matter what form it may take.  We each deserve to believe in that inspiration with every fiber of our being.

The mind burns alive with energy every time we are pushed out of our comfort zone.  Some, like myself, are terrified to be thrown out of the nest and forced to fly or fall.  It’s about time we began to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, because the realm of possibilities within our comfort zone is small and meek.

If you read this, please do not discount it.  Be an example through your own actions.  Spread goodness.  Lead people back to this article.  We can do it.

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