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And the Homecoming Queen Is…


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And this Year’s 2014-2015 Homecoming Queen is…
By JoHannah G Newman

Each September Ocean City High School is always a buzz with activity as a plethora of different organizations prepare for the annual Homecoming festivities. The dutiful Student Council spent countless weeks after school building elaborate decorations for the Around the World Homecoming Dance as well as planning for the Pep Rally. Each club decorated a portion of the hall, making the entire school festive and bright. Class of 2015 Council provided the sashes and the crown for the Homecoming Queen Court.
In the weeks preceding the Homecoming game, candidates were expected to write a letter of intent to become eligible for the crown. They then plastered the halls with campaign posters. For two weeks, the school was covered with slogans and promises underlined in glitter, but it wasn’t until the Pep Rally that each candidate was given their fifteen seconds of fame.
As the entire school filed into the gym, outgoing personalities Shelby Alvord and Justin Smith welcomed the students as MC’s for the festivities. Each Homecoming candidate was given ninety seconds to perform in front of their peers.
Mikayla Utley was escorted by two handsome gentlemen amusingly wearing two sparkling cut off tops, a joke that received a large reaction from the student body. She turned the gym into a stage as she was joined by the OCHS Color Guard for a riveting performance of flag spinning.
Rachael Saintclaire was carried in by her entourage dressed in a black and gold belly dancing outfit. She dances, along with other friends, to a routine she choreographed herself.
Maddie Brady was full of energy, as she performed another self choreographed routine with a horde of guys posed and ready as her ensemble. They were not afraid to show the student body their moves.

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