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Happy Holidays from Everyone in Ocean City


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By JoHannah G Newman

Every year, in the beginning of December, the town of Ocean City prepares for the joyous Holiday season. Asbury Avenue is transformed into a Winter Wonderland. The popular shopping district is garnished with wreaths, and each lamp is wrapped in festive garlands. The decorations drape across the road, embellished with such vibrant lights and ornaments that an occasional local might change their route to pass through the festivities on their way home.

To continue with this holiday cheer, every weekend horse and buggy rides travel through the shopping district. The stunning horses and their drivers make a beautiful spectacle that sometimes casts a spell of simple holiday cheer upon an area that is typically so busy bustling from place to place. Many of the vendors participate in the activities, providing pictures with Santa, and giving out holiday treats. Kids can even place their carefully planned Christmas lists to Santa in a candy striped mail box whose contents are destined for the North Pole.

Ocean City has become famous for their annual Christmas Parade, where dozens of school and community clubs join together to create a great spectacle of spirit. This year however, the annual tradition almost crashed to a halt. The parade was nearly cancelled, but thanks to the determined spirit of the community, the parade was rescheduled and continued as planned.

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