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The Business of Golf


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By Jackson Neill

Tailored suits, briefcases, and high end office buildings. These are the images associated with business deals. People don’t usually think of fairways and greens however as many as one third of all business negotiations occur on the golf course. For all those planning on pursuing business, golf is a necessary way to network. From chatting on the course to continuing the conversation at the country club restaurant afterwards, this is the way to get ahead. The Current OC is here to help you drive your career forward.

The very core of business is not about investing in a product or service. It’s about investing in relationships with people you trust. In order to build these relationships, you need to spend quality time with another person, however in a business setting this is difficult. Even if you try to join networking groups, you only get several minutes to meet with each person. On the golf course though, it is basically a four-hour meeting with three other people, allowing plenty of time to build connections.

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