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Forgotten Presidents


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By Jennifer Stevens

Over two hundred years ago, our first, and arguably most recognizable president in American history, came into office. Now, forty five presidents later, name and faces can start to blur together. If we asked a handful of randomly chosen people list all forty five presidents, it’s likely we won’t have many, if any at all, that could do it. But what about simply knowing they existed? Do you know who James K. Polk is? What he did? Or when was he president?

James K. Polk’s, the eleventh president of the United States, is considered one of the most important presidents in history, most known for expanding the territory of the United States. Through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, he added 1.2 million square miles of land to the country. He also secured land in the west that would one day make up the entire 48 contiguous states of the US.

Do you know who William Mckinley is? What did he do? Or when was he president?

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