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Identifying Senioritis


This content is older than 5 years—please consider its relevancy when reading the article/viewing the embedded video.

By Karen Greenwood

Seniors, we’re halfway to the end. These past few years we’ve grown together as students, athletes, artists, and people. Somehow, during this process of self discovery, many of us have been plagued with a sickness with no cure: SENIORITIS. Studies show that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. That’s why it is imperative that underclassmen can learn from our mistakes and later avoid these symptoms…

Senioritis begins with the lack of motivation to dress presentable. You may catch yourself wearing the sweats you slept in the night before to school more often than you’d like to admit.

The absence of effort in one’s appearance starts a domino effect in a lack of motivation seen in more important aspects of one’s high school experience. For instance, seniors will start to sleep through all of their classes. This tends to stem as a result of the excuse, “I already got into college so my classes are basically a joke.”

A bad habit to avoid is keeping your Airpods in at all times. Seniors will keep them in during class and even worse: the hallways. When you’re in school, you have to concentrate. Once the Airpods are in, the education is locked out.

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