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2 Year Lockdown Anniversary


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By Eddie D’Amico

Hi there, we all know we’ve had it tough these last few years. On March 16th Ocean City High School shut down due to the Coronavirus and the world as we knew it experienced a change. What was only meant to last two weeks ended up stretching into two years. In the beginning things were flying off the shelves, the toilet paper supply chain was wiped out. Hand sanitizer was unable to be found in stores, people were locked away in their houses, streets were empty, traffic was non-existent. Hospitals were chock full of Coronavirus patients and people were scared.

We were all stuck in virtual learning, endless zoom calls and computer screens. No interaction with our friends, family or teachers whatsoever. Since most people were locked away in their houses, unsure of what to do. Many turned to hours of binge watching, reading, or even working on their talents such as shooting hoops, juggling a soccer ball, or archery. While these were nice distractions it still was a harsh reality we lived in at the time…but things have gotten better.

The Coronavirus lockdown mandate expired June 9th 2020 and people are now back out on the streets where they belong after a stressful year of online learning. Things are still back and forth but now we’re in 2022, the mask mandate for New Jersey has been lifted. We’re back in full time learning, amongst are friends and teachers, and now able to visit our families. With the introduction of the Covid-19 Vaccine a sense of normalcy has begun to return. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus is still present in our society however, we as human beings have persevered through the worst of it and now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And as long as we work together, one day this will all be behind us.

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