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Adaptive Scheduler Is Extraordinary

Reporting By Finn Costal

Photojournalism By Benjamin Robbins

Recently, there’s been a change in school policy regarding how students are expected to schedule flex events.
The new application being used is called Adaptive Scheduler, and it allows student’s flex activities to be connected to their powerschool accounts.  Watch to learn how to utilize this new tool.

If you don’t have access to a computer, Adaptive Scheduler is also available on the app store.  Remember, after you sign up for an activity, you must attend it so you’re marked present.  We know that many students weren’t too happy with FlexTime Manager, so let’s see how OCHS’ student body feels about the new program.







B: What’s wrong?
A: The school just released a new program. It’s a violation of my rights.
B. There there. It’ll get better.

A: You know, after that inspirational off camera conversation, I gotta say; Adaptive Scheduler really isn’t that bad. It’s useful. It’s handy. It’s convenient. AND, It’s useful. 10/10 I am a total fan.

Well, you heard it here first. Adaptive Scheduler is pretty great. Thank you, OCHS for this special little gift. This has been Finn Costal reporting for the Current OC.

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