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OCHS Holds International Dinner

By Gianna Ripa

The International Dinner is an annual event ran by Spanish club and psychology Club.  This is an opportunity for clubs at Ocean City High School to come together to serve and enjoy food from different countries. The international dinners also an important service project for psychology club to raise cash and items for food drives, which is why in order to attend, each person must bring one canned food item. We interviewed Ms. Pruitt for more information on the tradition of the International Dinner.

“The International Diner is a great opportunity for the clubs at Ocean City High School to get together and enjoy international cuisine and learn a little bit more about international foods and just to get to know each other a little bit better. And it’s also for the psychology club in the Spanish Club–a service project for us where we’re able to collect cans for the local food bank and make a donation that is much needed at this time of year.”

This year’s Psychology and Spanish Clubs raised over 110 canned items.

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