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Mr. OCHS 2024 Retrospective

By Elijah Watson

On March 6, 2024, Ocean City High School hosted Mr. OCHS, an event in which seven seniors competed for the title of Mr. OCHS 2024 with a variety of singing, dancing, comedy and everything in between. It was surely a night to remember. The night started off with the contestants being walked on stage, accompanied by their escorts. The competition then shifted to the personality test, where each contestant answered questions about themselves. The show then transitioned into acts prepared by the contestants. We saw these acts including Matt Murray’s Elvis impression, Daniel Guy drumming away with his band, Greg dancing along to Outkast with his two escorts, Shawn Walls’ creative roast, Robby Neville singing a song about being parked out by a lake, and Ryan Mulraney singing She Loves Me from the aptly named musical She Loves Me. Topping off the acts was a rousing comedy act written by James Swan.   After showing off their casual dress wear and yet another dance break, the contestants got on stage one last time so that Mr. OCHS can be crowned.  The winner of People’s Choice went to Daniel Guy. The runner up to Mr. OCHS, however, was Ryan Mulraney.  And what we were all waiting for–Mr. OCHS 2024, well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out.  Despite not all the contestants taking home prizes, it’s nice to see that at the end they were all still able to get on stage and enjoy the moment they all shared together.

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