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OCHS Holds International Dinner

 By Gianna Ripa

Fast Five with Mrs. Cathcart

 Reporting by Keira Reilly Photojournalism by Alex Hansen

Robin Hood Sneak Peak

 By Elijah Watson

Red Raider Retailers: School Store Changes

 Reporting by DJ Schwartz Photojournalism by Alexander Hansen

New Sign-in Process for OCHS

 Reporting by Taylor Mulford Photojournalism by Lauren Dwyer

OCHS Introduces Clubs to Students at Annual Club Carnival

 Reporting by Gianna Ripa Photojournalism by Elijah Watson

OCHS 2023 College Fair

 Reporting by Kalyn Baron Photojournalism by Jonathan Arsenault

Fast Five with Mr Martin

 Reporting by Vincent Piraino Photojournalism by Elijah Watson

Freshmen Field Day Team Building

 Reporting by Gwen O’hara Photojournalism by Allie Hudson & Scarlett Fletcher