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OC’s Got Talent

  By: McKenna Robel Every year Ocean City’s most talented students gather together and put on a spectacular show. The show can feature any talent you may posses, whether its from singing to yo-yoing. 2016’s Oc’s Got Talent was ran by our very own Key Club

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By Brooke Tarr Has this ever happened to you? Well, then you might have senioritis. Six ways you know you have senioritis are, you forget or even lose your backpack. You come in the school frequently with coffee, or tea, or really anything to wake you

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Ocean City Outdoor Lifestyle

By: Taylor Pagano It is no doubt that Ocean City is renown for its loud days of summer and busy boardwalk nights. What may be neglected, is our vastly differing landscapes within our area. Believe it or not, the off season can offer a vast amount

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9th Street Bridge

By: Chris Robertson The new 9th street bridge is much more than just a road. The updated bridge was completed in 2012 and offers all kinds of activities for everyone. Along the bridge into Ocean City is a welcome center where visitors can find information on


Life Hacks

  By: Morgan Pfau Are the daily struggles of human existence getting you down? The Current OC has a few simple life hacks that will make your day go from ordinary to extraordinary. Ladies, when you take jewelry off, do you have ugly, green stains on


Pets and Personalities

By: Evan Monteith & Allie Hoffman People and their pets always have a strong connection, usually having identical personalities. How do you match up? Chicken – Likes to run, Loud, DOG – Energetic Crazed Likes to chew on things Likes to jump Cute and Fluffy Horse


The Best Kept Secret of Ocean City High

By: Abby O’Boyle Not many high school students are fortunate enough to have what we have; the school store also known as Raider Retail. The school store is run by students in the Life Skills program, and staff members such as Ms. O’Neill. The school store

SCience club

The Science Club

By: James Mann Ocean City High School is known for having a large variety of clubs and after school activities. Every club is unique and helps bring together communities with common interests. The newest club to pop up is the Science Club. The science club plans


Stress Management In School

By: Scott Steinberg You wake up bright and early… You go to class… And then to that club meeting at lunch… You go back to class… You go to practice after school… You go home on an empty stomach and still have to prepare for the