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Winter Storm Jonas

By: Matthew Edwards On Friday January 22nd, snow began to fall as Winter Storm Jonas hit our area. Preventative measures such as salting took place as seen at the 34th Street ACME and throughout the town. Snowplows were at the ready to clear the road

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How to make Chicken Noodle Soup

By: Maddie Logue and Alex Love   Possibly one of the most classic and timeless dishes in American culture is Chicken Noodle Soup. Some of the most important benefits of Chicken Noodle Soup include several vitamins and minerals, allowing it to help your body fight off


Quick Breakfast Ideas

By: Jack Crowell and Matthew Holmes Have you woken up late for school and had enough time to make and eat breakfast, leaving you unhappy until you eat lunch? Here are a few recipes for a quick and easy breakfasts for you to enjoy. Waffle and

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Benefits to Adopting a Pet

By: Eddie Corcoran, Fiona Flynn Look at this dog! Look how happy he/she is and you may have never known that this dog was adopted. Here at the Current OC we tell you the benefits of adopting a pet. Each year 2.7 million pets are adopted

staying warm

How to Stay Warm

By: Jany Anderson Brr. It can be hard to stay warm in these winter months.  Here’s how to stay warm during the winter. You can turn the heat up on your thermostat. If you have a fireplace, build a fire. Another way to stay warm is


Student Business

By: Allie Hoffman Evan Monteith Kate Matera Two groups of students created businesses using items they found in thrift shops or were donated to them. These upcycled items became popular within the student body of OCHS and even reached colleges and the community. We talked to


Car Safety

By: McKenna Robel and Brooke Segich Being a new driver, you may come cross some unexpected situations. We acknowledge that the Ocean City driver’s ed program did a great job preparing u for the road and to add to that, the current OC thought of some


Raider Nation

By: Abby O’Boyle Founded in 2010, Raider Nation rose to the top of O.C.H.S’ fan crowd and continues it’s legacy. Raider Nation sports the school’s mascot and appears at Ocean City’s events to keep the energy alive. Raider Nation is run by seniors including, Jeff Hoffner


Habitat for Humanity

By: Morgan Pfau Habitat for Humanity provides a second chance for families; but not without hard work. After a long and rigorous process, a family is chosen and land is donated to begin building a new home. The family has to work side by side


Morning Routines

By: Brooke Tarr Ever find yourself hitting the snooze button multiple times in the morning and making it to school just as the bells rings? Here are some simple tips on how to improve your morning routine. Instead of rushing to find a outfit in